Star Blanket Photo Tutorial


Recently I’ve been asked by a few people how to get through the first few rows of this star blanket crochet pattern that I linked to in a previous post.  I decided to quickly put together a photo tutorial to help you all along. I hope this helps!  If you see any errors or think there’s an area I could make more clear, please leave me a comment or send me an email at  Please note that I did not write this pattern, I’m just providing a photo tutorial to help you make it!

1SONY DSC 2SONY DSC 3SONY DSC 4SONY DSC 5SONY DSC 6SONY DSC 7SONY DSC 8SONY DSC 9SONY DSC 10SONY DSC 11SONY DSC 12SONY DSC 13SONY DSC 14SONY DSC 15SONY DSC 16SONY DSCKeep making 1 Dc in each st until the Ch 2 space, then making *3 Dc, Ch2, 3 Dc (or a shell) in the Ch 2 space, and making 1 Dc in each st until one before the gap, skip 2 sts, and repeat!.  You can follow the written pattern at HeartFelt Angels.


7 thoughts on “Star Blanket Photo Tutorial

  1. Hi, I found this through the KMC Baby wearing page….I would LOVE to do this but I’m new at crochet. I knit but really want to make a blanket like this! Would you consider doing a video of this portion of the blanket? I LOVE your blanket that matches your wrap!! So cool!!

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