Flashback – Mermaid Inspired Baby Cocoon

This post was originally published on my old blog, From Honolulu to Eternity on November 22, 2013:
Yes, my love for all things mermaid and baby may border on obsession. But winter here in Germany is shaping up to be extremely cold so I find myself with a very good excuse to knit my nautical heart out and keep baby’s feet warm.  This week I was inspired by all the different hues of blue Lion Brand Homespun yarn in my stash.  From sea glass to deep navy, I knew that one of them was going to become a mermaid inspired sleep sack.

Using the appropriately named Lagoon LB Homespun yarn I adapted a pattern from Suzies Stuff called “Come On Baby Let’s Do The Twist”.  I made a couple of slight alterations: I cast on 90 stitches instead of 84 and used US size 10 circular needles instead of 10.5; Sleep sacks are hardly a science. Using slightly more than one skein of yarn, here’s what I came up with!

I’m really happy with the way this yarn added texture to an already textured pattern.  Also, I’m sure that it will be warm because my fingers were practically sweating as I flew through this pattern and that’s quite a feat considering how frigid my house was!

That’s all for today. I hope you are all staying warm this winter and using the weather as an excuse to get your crafting on!


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