Noro Beret


Beret 2

Beret 3

Beret 4

Vacation knit number one is a super basic beret made from just under one skein of Noro Koromo, Color 4, Lot A.  I’ts a cotton, wool, and silk blend and knit on size 3 and 9 circular needles.  I can’t share the pattern with you all since it was a house pattern at a tiny yarn store I happened upon in my travels but it’s very basic and I’m sure with a bit of time on Ravelry you could come up with something very similar.  It seems to me that the secret to a good beret is a nice, firm blocking.  Don’t you just love these colors? The bit of fire on the brim that isn’t visible from the top? I saw a sample hat knit up at the shop and could not stop myself from purchasing the yarn to make myself one.  I’m so glad I did because I think this hat is just fabulous.  You may notice a few loose ends in one of the photos…I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to weaving in my ends and with a hat that I can just poke the loose ends up into, I’m absolutely barbarous.  I just tuck them all away and toss on the hat! Oh my.