Crochet Suck Pads

This post was originally published on my previous blog, From Honolulu to Eternity on June 16, 2014

Suck Pads

Suck Pads 2

They’re finally finished! I’ve been talking about making these crocheted suck pads or drool pads for ages but yesterday I finally adventured into the yarn room (isn’t it glorious that I have a yarn room?) and picked out some cotton yarn for the project. They took me an hour or so but the process was extremely simple.  I’ll lay out a rudimentary pattern for any of you who would like to make your own.

With a cotton yarn of your choice (I used a basic worsted weight, I think it’s Sugar’n’Cream) and an H hook,
Ch 21 (or as many chs as it takes to reach around the strap of your baby carrier, plus one)

Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook and in each st across (20 sc)
Rows 2-20: Ch 1 and turn.  Sc in first st and in each st across (20 sc)
Row 21: Ch 1 and turn. In BACK LOOPS ONLY, sc in first stitch and each stitch across (20 sc)
Rows 22-40: Ch 1 and turn.  In BOTH LOOPS, sc in first stitch and each stitch across (20 sc) After row 40, fasten off in main color.
Fold the piece in half along the crease you made in row 21 and with a contrasting color (or the same color, if you’d like) sc evenly around the square, securing both layers together.  Sc 3 in each corner to prevent curling.  Whip stitch the back together and slide these bad boys onto your carrier! Done!

I hope you have as much fun making some of these for your baby carrier as I did for mine! If you notice any errors in the pattern or think it could be written more clearly, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment.  I’ve never written a pattern before so it’s all new to me.  Thanks!