Skyrim Helmet Hat


H4 H3 H1

Not to be left out, my husband also requested a horned-hat (see unicorn here and dragon here).  This one is inspired by the Iron Helmet from Skyrim.  I took plenty of liberties with the design but I think the overall effect comes across.  Mr. Pickle is wholly pleased with it so I call it a success.  Now we just need to scout out a medieval market or Halloween party to wear these funky hats to!

Notes on construction: I freehanded it once again and used Lion Brand Hometown USA for the gray (just barely 2 skeins) and Red Heart Super Saver held double for the horns.  Some of the accessories are sewn on using sewing thread, which is new for me but I think it looks a little cleaner than sewing with yarn in some situations.  The eye piece can be tucked up into the hat to make it easier for the wearer to see.

This costume-hat-making is so much fun I hardly want to stop! But there’s an impatient baby in my belly who will be making her appearance before long and demands some new, cushy hand-knits when she does.  Maybe if the toddler takes a nap today I’ll snap some pictures of those WIPs to share with you all.

Happy Crafting!

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