Swing Thing for Little Miss Thing

Hot off the needles is a new sweater for my little girl.  There’s a chill in the air that is best kept at bay by handknits, especially mama-made handknits.  The main color is a beautiful mystery yarn dyed by my talented mother-in-law and the contrasting purple is Shine worsted by Knit Picks in the color Crocus (I think).  Pattern is Swing Thing with a few modifications. I cut out the first section of garter so the neck would be more open and probably did a few more things that I forgot to write down.  I’m terrible at record-keeping when it comes to knitting!

I love how it gives the Peppa-Pig-pajamas-inspired-outfit a little bit of a boost in the fashion department.  Have I mentioned that my toddler is dressing herself? And that she will only wear two tops, both of them Peppa Pig tops?  We’re all about freedom of expression and whacky outfits in this house, but I’m not doing pink laundry every two days so she can wear Peppa nonstop.  Luckily this sweater was a hit and she hasn’t seemed to notice that Peppa is not on the front.  Whew.

In other news, my husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary yesterday. And by celebrated, I mean we saw each other for about an hour before bed. But that was enough and it was lovely. Today we’re hoping to go do something fun and silly like bowling if the toddler allows.  I’ll leave you with my little love note to him because we’re sappy like that.

To K: A year ago, on our last anniversary, I bought this yarn for socks. I also bought a skein for myself. As you can see, only one sock is finished. It’s orange (because you’re fun, fashionable, brave, and appreciate a good yarn sale), they’ve been pulled off the needles many times by our toddler (because she is), and it’s knit with so much love and so many memories. I took this knitting with me when you had surgery and on so many car trips around Europe. It has certainly been the year of wool for me. In another time of our lives all four of the socks would be finished like they should have been today (or yesterday, but who’s counting?). But this is the time that we are in and all the things that have kept me from finishing the socks are all the things I’ve loved and experienced with you and our growing (crazy) family all year. Here’s to four years of weirdness and passion and to many more. I love you.

Happy Crafting!

6 thoughts on “Swing Thing for Little Miss Thing

  1. What beautiful work! I came across your post while digging for this pattern… The website it was on is down now and I can’t get a hold of the pattern anywhere. 😦 Could you possibly share it with me? I want dearly to make one for my daughter. Thanks in advance either way.


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