Welcome to March!

Well that was quick. February always seems to slip past too quickly for me.  Mr. Pickle, my big sister, and I all celebrate our birthdays during that last month of winter so I’m fairly partial to it.  It’s a beautiful month.  Nevertheless it’s been quite hectic for me as I’ve been planning a big event for next weekend while simultaneously trying not to lose my mind as I chase the toddler around.  Whew.  First up today I’d like to take a look back at what I made last month.

February Collage

Wow, seeing all my projects for the month in one place makes me feel good.  I’m all geared up to tackle March now! So what’s been on my hooks and needles?  Well I’m obsessed with socks, particularly vibrant-colored, self-striping sock yarn.  I’ve got a new pair of socks on my lovely KnitPro DPNs for the toddler.


I have my first ever pair of socks for MYSELF on my new bamboo DPNs.  They are rainbow, self-striping, thick, Regia Stripemania, and wonderful.   (I’ve knit five more stripes since taking this photo, it’s that addictive.)


I bought myself a little birthday yarn.  It’s one of my staple wools (Austermann Merino 105) and some OPAL sock yarn that had a very intriguing image on the label.  The Schafpate project is an initiative to keep German wool production local.

“Starting with Merino wool from the nature reservation BiosphäreAlb in South Germany, on the re-processing in the Bremer Woll-Kämmerei AG in Bremen and the Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH and finally to manufacture the famous OPAL sweater and sock-knitting wool in the town of knitting, Hechingen.”  Source.

After listening to and absorbing so much of the sentiment behind the Woolful Podcast I’ve begun to search out more eco-conscious wool.  There are so many types of eco-consciousness when it comes to wool but the idea of a locally sourced and manufactured product really appealed to me.

opal SONY DSCIf you noticed the paint pallet in all my photos it’s because I got to do some painting on my birthday. It was quite messy and the toddler tried to wipe the paint off my leg with a rag at one point, but the end result is wonderful.  It’s a painting of toddler and me and I’m a wee bit too private to share it here.  Toddler Pickle loves it, though, and points at it whenever she walks into the room or whenever I ask, “Where’s the baby”. Heart warming.SONY DSC

My tulips also decided to grace me by blooming on my birthday.  How magical.  Spring may be coming after all.


If you’re interested in podcasts I want to recommend Knit.fm.  Highly informative, easy to listen to, and up-to-date.  I’m hoping they release some new episodes soon!

In closing, I am lusting after these two yarns.  Check them out if you dare!

Watermelon sock yarn by Artistic Yarn by Abi and Outlander by Voolenvine Yarns which is sold out! Ah!

Happy Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to March!

  1. I am just a little bit envious of your socks, they are gorgeous. I did attempt some in crochet but with chunky yarn (me being lazy, or rather a very busy month!) I really wasn’t overly pleased with them. I especially didn’t like the heels on Abi’s pair. I knew it would be the heel that got me!! Perhaps I just need to learn to knit better and then knit some!!! but I already have too many want to do’s in my head! But then yours look really scary with those four stick things poking through!! Give me a hook any day! Take care. Sharon xx PS. Josh found his mosaic colouring book and I snaffled it and did some while I ate my lunch – what a sad individual I am – I did enjoy a little trip down memory lane though, that was, until I made a mistake, and then I gave up. I knew there must be some reason why there were several half started ones in the book!! 😉 x


    1. Thank you! I saw your crocheted socks and they look lovely! I can never seem to get the hang of crocheted socks, actually, but knit ones feel quite easy now. I know just what you mean about having too many projects on the go, my work in progress basket(S) is overflowing!

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