Happy Heart Garland

There have been lots of ups and downs this week, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what they’ve been. My daughter just took her first steps four days ago and now she’s running from room to room, turning on an absolute dime.  She’s just amazing.  Little people frequently are.  The lows are probably just a response to all the miraculous highs this little girl has been giving me, but that doesn’t make them much easier to swallow.  The great love of motherhood comes with great stress.  But you know what always makes me feel happy? Wool! Yes and the more colorful the better!  So what have I done to brighten my mood? Well, I’ve whipped up a happy little heart garland to look at.


Heart patterns are here at Pattern Paradise and here at the Felted Button.  The middle heart started out from a pattern that turned out to be vague and confusing so I winged it and I think I like it!  Yarn is leftover from a bright shawl I made last spring.  Perhaps I’ll share some photos of that tomorrow!  In the mean time, get crafty, people. And don’t forget to celebrate Galentine’s Day tomorrow.  My amazing lady-friend over at Tales ‘nTeacups already sent me the best Galentine’s Day card ever.  That was certainly one of my highs this week.

Oh, P.S.  Wool Pickle now has an Instagram!


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