A Beret Goes to Paris


January is winding down and it’s time I share the final installment for this month’s theme. If you’ve been around all month you’ll remember that the theme is Bonjour, which is one of the ways that the French say “hello”! January is a wonderful month for hellos.  Hello to a new year, hello to new resolutions, hello to longer days and lower temps.  Our family celebrated a wonderful hello last January when we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.  This year for her first birthday we decided to skip the party and go to Paris to celebrate instead!  How we’re going to top a birthday in Paris, I don’t know.  We may have peaked too soon.

For our trip I so wanted baby G to wear a mama-made beret.  I used this pattern from tangled with some beautiful wool my mother-in-law dyed and size 3 DPNs.  Well, apparently I made some errors in my measurements…and perhaps in gauge as well because the hat fits me and practically swallows baby G! Ah well, mama has a new hat it seems.  Though I think the fit will be much better suited to a child so perhaps it will find it’s way to G as she gets older.  Either way this hat kept my head nice and toasty during our three very chilly days in Paris.  We romped about and saw many beautiful old buildings, ate delicious crepes from a street vendor, had the best chocolate macaron I have ever tasted, and gorged ourselves on baguettes.  It was a wonderful trip.  Our favorite souvenirs came from one of the oldest Parisian flea markets. Let me show you!


A little green letter holder which adds such a perfect piece of charm to our entry way; a gray beret; a ring and necklace costume jewelry set from the 20s, the ring unfortunately did not survive more than a day and it looks like I’m now in search of a good jeweler; a little rosy-cheeked-girl figurine for baby G’s room; and the piece de resistance, a beautiful painting of the Seine from the 30s, signed by the painter.

These little souvenirs are daily reminders of our French adventure.  I’ll remember getting lost on our way to Clingincourt, buying the wrong Metro tickets, eating fromage crepes outside the Opera, and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.  I’ll remember G being cranky on our river cruise on the Seine and teaching her to kiss.  The fashion in Paris is unforgettable and the language sang in my ears. I feel amazingly lucky to have had the opportunity to visit such an iconic city, practice my French, and to share that experience with my family.

So that concludes January and our theme, Bonjour.  With that, I bid you adieu and hope to see you in February!  Ciao! SONY DSC


4 thoughts on “A Beret Goes to Paris

  1. What a wonderful trip that looks like it was. The figurine for baby G reminds me of ones my sister and I had. Ours were representative of the months we were born. Thanks for the memories. 😊
    I love the colors of the wool that your mother-in-law dyed. The fact that she died it makes it extra special.


  2. I love that yarn! The pattern looks pretty cool too. Sometime it can be so frustrating when something doesn’t turn out exactly how I picture it!

    Thanks for sharing at the Yarn Fanatic Party! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve created!


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