Carnelian Upcycle (no wool!)

PicMonkey Collage 2

When I started this blog, I intended (and still do!) to keep it well curated, only posting when I have some woolly goodness and photos to share.  I hesitate to lose focus but I had such a ball restringing necklaces last week that I just can’t bring myself not to share!  I hope you don’t mind the brief departure from your regularly scheduled wool.

Whether or not you believe in the healing properties of gemstones it’s safe to sat that they are a joy to look at.  Carnelian makes me feel fierce and strong and inspires me to flex my creativity in new ways. The orange warmth of the stones reminds me of Hawaiian sunsets and new love. Not a bad combination,  I think.

Cutting out the old, warped plastic thread this necklace was previously strung on and allowing the beads to tumble onto my desk was so therapeutic and organizing the colors in this ombre pattern was truly meditative.  Beading requires a focus that’s different than knitting or crochet.  it’s much quicker and straightforward, in a way.  Or maybe it’s just a welcome break from the longer processes of fiber arts! Either way this necklace has found it’s way into regular rotation in my jewelry.  Perhaps I’ll need to search out some additional thrifty necklaces for upcycling soon…



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