Matching Fingerless Gloves


In a deviation from January’s theme (though I imagine it’s also cold in France!)…

There just so happened to be some leftover yarn as I finished my mother & daughter earwarmers the other day and my fingers just so happened to be a wee bit chilly…so I whipped up a pair of these easy fingerless gloves!  Having matched sets makes me giddy. Would you like to make your own?  They’re extremely easy and a very beginner friendly pattern.  You can find it here on the Lion Brand Yarn website for free (though you do have to register with their site to view patterns).  I used a somewhat bigger hook (a 5.5mm) than the pattern called for. To add the embellishments at the top I slip stitched (loosely!) around the glove between the rows of single crochets.  The red is just a simple running stitch.

I think these took me under an hour to create and my paws have been so very thankful to have them.  Have I mentioned that it’s kind of nippy here in Europe? Brrrrrr.

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12 thoughts on “Matching Fingerless Gloves

  1. Oh I love the colours you’ve chosen, they look wonderful. I love the fact you make them matching for you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx


  2. I am knitting some fingerless mitts for my kids this week! I am knitting them extra long so that they stay in their coats when their mittens seem to come out from the coat sleeves. These are really cute!


  3. Those are darling in the colors you chose. I’m going to make some for sure. I’ve seen them and wondered where a pattern was…thank you for sharing where you got it and for about how long they take.


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