January Theme: Bonjour!

Welcome to January, you lovely people! I’m so excited to be here today.  Why? Because I have a new little plan for this space and I’ve been dying to introduce it to you.  Many of the bloggers that I love keep calendars to help their blog stay on track and make sure that it’s a balanced mix of projects, patterns, and photos (hm, organization. What a concept!).  Well, I’ve got this shiny new blog and a shiny new year so I thought, “What the heck! Let’s go for it”.  After some brainstorming and scribbling, a few trips into my yarn cave to visit the stash, and a bit of Ravelry time, I came up with a tentative schedule for the year.  How thrilling (for me, of course.  Organization isn’t my strongest suit just yet).

With all that background, I now bring you this month’s theme:


This month please join me while I knit, crochet, and craft with a bit of French influence.  I have some wonderful projects in the works and perhaps even a short trip across the border?  I look forward to sharing this month with you and I hope you have just as much fun as I do!  I’d like to leave you with just a little taste of what’s coming your way…

SONY DSC SONY DSC It may not look like much yet, but I have high and happy hopes.  See you soon!


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