Vacation Knits, Part 2

Hello again! So glad to see that you’re back.  I hope you liked my colorful little beret yesterday.  Today I’ve got something just as bright to share with you.  While we were away the weather turned bitterly cold and in my rush of packing I misplaced my daughter’s mittens!  Always one to make the most of a situation as it pertains to knitwear I quickly grabbed some knitting needles.  My mother-in-law generously allowed me to raid her yarn stash and I whipped these up in a little over an evening.


The yarn is a beautiful, soft single-ply wool and the pattern is a heavily modified (for size) Dulaan Easy-On Mittens. I found the pattern to be a bit vague (especially when decreasing) but if I knit these again next year as written I think I’ll have no problem following the directions.  I was confused by whether to knit a row between decreases on the thumb (you should) but it all worked out in the end since I wanted a much smaller mitten than the pattern would have yielded if I’d knit it correctly.

Having tried and failed to get a baby thumb into a baby sized mitten I’m very grateful for the wide thumb opening on these mittens.  They make it so much easier to slip a tiny thumb into the proper spot! Highly recommend, would knit again.  I’m just smitten with the way the color fades to the tips, as if they’re so warm they’re actually made of little flames.  I wouldn’t mind some mittens like that for myself, would you?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely day, munch on some cookies, and go enjoy some Christmas lights.  I hope to see you again for the next installment in my vacation knits mini series.


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