Sleep Crocheting

Street Shawl

Street Shawl (2)

Street Shawl (1)

There has been very little sleep to be had in this house the past few days.  Thankfully I can crochet the “granny stitch” in my sleep and without looking so I’ve been making a bit of progress. These photos are actually a day old and I’ve already added a whole new color block to the shawl today.

I often get asked how I have the time to crochet.  I have a crawling baby, volunteer work, lots to do.  I think I just prioritize crochet over housework more often than I probably should.  I also don’t spend time on a smartphone while I’m out so if the wee one falls asleep on a car trip I can sneak in a few minutes of crochet in the parking lot instead of surfing Facebook.  Crochet time sneaks into the little spare moments that happen here and there.  I can’t seem to manage any complicated patterns anymore with the sleep deprivation and baby chasing.  But the colors make me happy and I suppose that’s enough for right now.

There isn’t much that I have control over in my life at the moment and while that’s frustrating it’s also a good exercise in letting go.  This is one of the first shawls that I’ve come at with a game plan (albeit a rough one) but the plan entails a lot of letting the yarn show me what it wants.  You can see how much I’ve had left of each skein at the end of the color blocks.  Just a tad. It has me rushing through the last row wondering “will I make it? Will I have to frog this whole row?”.  Letting go.  I could get better at that.


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