Street Shawl Progress

Street Shawl 3

I’ve been crocheting busily away during all my free moments yesterday and today and the shawl is showing progress! I’ve finished the first skein of the grays and am adding some divisive neon yellow before slapping on another skein.  I’ve thrown caution to the winds a bit in that I’m using a few different weights of yarn and only one size of hook but I don’t think it’s affected the look of the shawl much at all (Oh dear, now I’m agonizing over whether or not I used the correct affect…effect? Could a grammar expert clue me in please?  And if said grammar expert could also kindly ignore any additional glaring grammatical errors, that would also be lovely.)

Street Shawl 5

I’m not exactly sure why I chose to call this my “street shawl” other than the fact that the grays I chose remind me of the gravel and asphalt of the road slick with rain in this dreary fall weather.  The neon yellow and magenta just spice it up a bit in a way that a person really needs on a cloudy day, don’t you think? A bit of zip and burst of color never hurt anyone.

Street Shawl 4

Thanks for joining with me today.  Once again I’d love to see what my fellow crafters are working on so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment with a link to your blog or a photo for me in the comment section! Please and thanks.  Have a glorious, crafty day!


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